Gracie Milner and David Orihuela-Rio - 2021 Winners 

The Sparks Family and Connie & Ricky Sparks Memorial Scholarship Foundation are happy and honored to announce the 2021 Hendersonville Hich School Scholarship recipients. The four year $20,000 winner is Gracie Milner who will be going to NC Chapel Hill in the fall. The two year $5,000 winner is David Oriheula-Rio who will be going to Blue Ridge Community College.

This is the 14th year presenting the Connie & Ricky Sparks Memorial Scholarship which totals $235,000 awarded to truly outstanding deserving HHS graduates.

The Sparks and McCleerey families have have established the Connie & Ricky Sparks Scholarship Foundation organized as a 501(c)(3) exempt non-profit. 

The Connie & Ricky Sparks Memorial Scholarship was created after the tragic loss of their beloved Mother, Connie Sparks and their cherished brother, Ricky to honor and celebrate their lives. 

To help celebrate the HHS Class of 2021 and all they had to go through both their Junior & Senior years, we were fortunate to have six of the previous scholarship recipients help present.


 Left to Right: Jim Sparks, Brenda Sparks McCleerey, Lane Hefner, Tameron Hill (2016), Shayna Scott (2012), Jack Carr (2020), Gracie Miler (2021), Angelo Castillo (2020), David Orihuela-Rio (2021), Sidney Brown (2019), Kat Kilpatrick Chrisholm (2010).